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Remote Control Toys with speech sound | Electronic Toy |rc car toys for kid - SH-1005

1.Remote activated., 2.Amazing speeds., 3.Hilarious pre-selected sound effects after collision., 4.Toy Size:9.8*6.5*5 cm - more info check here: http://www.sourcingtoys.com/Remote-Control-Toys-with-speech-sound-Electronic-Toy-rc-car-toys-for-kid-11128050/

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Style: Battery Operated Toy, Cartoon Toy, Elect... Material: Plastic Plastic Type: ABS Function: Sound Place of Origin: Taiwan Brand Name: Shaboom Model Number: SH-1005 Chinese Vampire

Product Features:

1.Remote activated.

2.Amazing speeds.

3.Hilarious pre-selected sound effects after collision.

4.Toy Size:9.8*6.5*5 cm

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Remote Control Toys with speech sound | Electronic Toy |rc car  toys for kid
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WHAT IS SHABOOM? Toys that go Boom!!
  • remote control toy | RC car Toys
    When you are under stress and feel like venting your frustration, drive SHABOOM violently into things. When SHABOOM finds itself obstructed, it will yell out and plead for you to stop. Onced it has crashed and is lying helplessly on the ground,it will begin to beg for your help like a weakling. Set it upright again and crash it as many times as you like until your anger subsides. Ideal for venting fustration around the office or at home.
  • electronic rc toy | Electrical Toys
    Invite friends to join the fun by driving their own SHABOOM into yours. Watch the carnage. But remember to pratcice or you may be pleading for mercy. When 2 SHABOOMS go boom together, even their calls for help will not prevent you from taking a sadistic pleasure in watching them collide violently!
  • rc toy | ART TOYS
    SHABOOM is not just a toy. It is also a piece of artwork you can proudly put on display. With a number of different characters, each with unique personalities, Shaboom is a true collectable. With a lot of time in research, design and development, and the help from a variety of experts from different fields, Shaboomis a must have stress releasing remedy for all ages.

  • Functions of the Remote | RC car Toys

1. The remote control allows full control of the directions of the toy in movement.
2. Remote control measures 6cm in length and 3cm in width. 2 LR44 batteries are included.
3. Each toy has a distinctly designed remote control that is appropriate for each toy set.

  • electronic rc car | Electronic Toy
    1. Another sound effect is activated once it falls down after collision with another object.
  • electronic toy| R/C Toys
    1. A remote sensor is placed on the top of each toy’s head to allow for remote activation.
    2. A small motor is placed on the bottom of each toy for it to move around.
    3. 3 pcs 1.5V AAA batteries are required to run the functions of the built-in beeper, motor, and infrared sensors.
    4. Different styles and designs of the products are available. This is not just a toy. It is a true piece of art.
Video: http://www.shaboom-toy.com/index.html
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